quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2011

As Melhores Músicas para Lembrar 2011

The Kooks - Taking Pictures of You
Ryan Adams – Empty Room
Ryan Adams – Nutshell
Ryan Adams – Come Home
Ryan Adams - Lucky Now
Minks – Araby
Minks - Little Fawn
James Blake – Fall Creek Boys Choir (With Bom Iver)
Dirty Beaches - Lone Runner
Cass McCombs - Love Thine Enemy
Cass McCombs - The Same Thing
Does It Offend You Yeah - Broken Arms
Does It Offend You Yeah - Pull Out My Insides
Dolorean – Thinskinned
Dolorean - Country Clutter
Dolorean - The Unfazed
Dolorean - How Is It
Glasvegas - Lots Sometimes
Gorillaz - Revolving Doors
Gorillaz – Amarillo
My Morning Jacket - Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
Noah And The Whale – Wild Thing
Noah And The Whale – The Line
Peter Bjorn and John - (Don't Let Them) Cool Off
R.E.M - ÜBerlin
Radiohead - Lotus Flower
Radiohead - Give Up The Ghost
Red This Ever - Total Control
Sleeping At Last - January White
Smith Westerns - All Die Young
The Crookes - Somewhere Over the Bus Stop
The Exploding Boy – Human
The Exploding Boy - Here Comes The Rain
The Twilight Singers - On The Corner
Washed Out - A Dedication
White Lies – Strangers
White Lies - Bigger Than Us
White Lies - The Power & The Glory
White Lies – Streetlights
White Lies - Bad Love
Kurt Vile - The Creature

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